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Getting Started

In order to gain access to the AME Student Fabrication Lab, you must first earn your yellow card. Your yellow card is the base level safety certification that allows you to enter the lab.


To earn your LEVEL 1 PUNCH you must:

  1. READ Workshop Safety Rules form.

  2. Read the Hand and Portable Power Tools tutorial located on the "Tools and Equipment" tab.
  3. Take the "Workshop Safety and Tools Quiz
  4. Come to the SFL during hours of operation for your safety walk through.


That’s it!!

You now have your yellow card and access to The AME Student Fabrication Lab.
However, your safety training does not end there. Further certifications are required to use the equipment in the lab.



View Tools and
Equipment Tutorials

Please review the following list of equipment tutorials to determine which certifications you will need:

Level 1 Punch

Level 2 Punches

Level 3 Punches

Hand/Power Tools

Belt Sander

Scroll Saw

Techno Router

Drill Press

Band Saw



Manual Mill